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    Sanjeev Chaudhary

    Political parties should not give tickets to contestants with criminal records?
    Bureaucracy is the reason behind the country’s backwardness…

    Saransh Jain

    Surprisingly,corruption in all sectors i.e,government or private is increased due to the ruling parties because people in the system has support of government officials.

    Himanshu Mittal

    Political system is a group of different parties who should work together to improve the status of the country. But in the present system all the parties are busy in blaming each other.

    Maheep Kumar

    India should do away with dishonest cum efficient politicians as well as honest cum inefficient ones. The country desperately needs honest and highly efficient politicians right away.

    Sumit Vishwakarma

    The criminalisation of politics means the participation of criminals in politics which includes that criminals can contest in the elections and get elected as members of the Parliament and the State legislature. It takes place primarily due to the nexus between politicians and criminals.

    Ankita Singh

    We Indian do not know how to manage things and thus our political class has been unsuccessful in managing India as a country and Indians as citizen. Since ages we have been cursing or blaming our political class or Politician for all these atrocities but who is responsible for all this.

    Prashant Saxena

    The patriarchal system which has been following in political party for years is planting seeds of dictatorship in political parties, they take control over the system so much that other people don’t get enough chances to do anything in the field

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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