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Asif Qureshi

This is the list of National games Mary Kom played from 2001 to 2009
Gold – 1st Women Nat. Boxing Championship, Chennai February 2001
The East Open Boxing Champ, Bengal December 2001
2nd Sr World Women Boxing Championship, New Delhi December 2001
National Women Sort Meet, N. Delhi December 2001
32nd National Games, Hyderabad 2002
3rd Sr World Women Boxing Champ, Aizawl March 2003
4th Sr WWBC, Kokrajar, Assam February 2004
5th Sr WWBC, Kerala December 2004
6th Sr WWBC, Jamshedpur December 2005
10th WNBC, Jamshedpur lost QF by 1–4 on October 2009

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